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HiCounselor is an online platform (both web and app) where job aspirants get training, insights and advice from the employees working at their dream company within minutes to crack their dream job.

HiCounselor provides an intuitive, efficient and cost effective online platform enabling students to learn about a position, industry and land their dream job by directly connecting them with employees of their target company.

In today’s highly competitive job market, it is a daunting task for any job seeker to get job in their dream company. Thousands of candidates apply online every day for a job position, but very few of them get an interview call. And even those who receive an interview invitation struggle to attend it confidently. Over time, it becomes a frustrating and time consuming task. There are two major reasons for this problem:
a. Poor network of job aspirants with the industry professionals
b. Lack of company insights and customized training for a specific job position and company

What if a job aspirant has a direct contact with an employee working at their dream company? Getting customized training, company insights, interview preparation and advice from the industry professionals would multiply the chances of getting an interview call and cracking it. Here, Hi Counselor comes in to help job aspirants instantly contact employees working at the top companies.